Funding extension for regional GP incentives

Funding extension for regional GP incentives

The WA Government has locked in a further two years of funding for the medical workforce incentives component of the Southern Inland Health Initiative (SIHI).

SIHI provides incentives to general practitioners working in southern inland Western Australia to ensure health services are available in rural and remote locations.

Under the former government, Royalties for Regions funding for this program ran out on June 30, 2017.

The WA Government will provide a baseline commitment of $33 million per annum for GP incentives, equal to what was provided in 2015-16, in recognition that the Commonwealth now provides additional subsidies for regional GPs and that the program was highly effective at its 2015-16 funding level.

This confirmation of funding will enable the GP incentives to continue to be offered beyond June 30, providing much-needed certainty for regional health services.

Source: WA Government